Finding love over 40 50 60 and beyond...

Thank you so much for your interest in finding love in your latter years. I received an overwhelming response to my post about how I met my now husband online after years of unsuccessful online dating (see my Instagram post here). As I’ve written many times , it is not for the faint of heart. I was online four years before I met my husband, and even then, it wasn’t easy. I was off and on many different dating sites for the four years mentioned and I would revamp my profile from time to time, but most of all through the years, I revamped myself. So, I posted my story for a reason and hence you are here for a reason.


I am here to encourage you that love is possible over 40, 50, 60 and beyond.


There is no magic bullet there is no magic pill. I am not making any promises but I’m here to encourage you about the possibilities since you asked.


I hope you find this guide helpful. 🙏🏽


All the best on your journey!!


Below, as promised, I am sharing a few of the websites I found that were , in my opinion, better than others along with the one I met my husband on.

*Tip: Everything good comes at a price, so I suggest staying away from FREE sites if you are seriously looking for a quality relationship. Most offer Free Trial options.

Drum Roll….

I met my husband on this one. The Site will lead you to other sister sites that you can sign up for if you have the time and energy:

The Site will lead you to other Sister sites that you can sign up for if you have the time and energy.

Here are my other Picks:

A newer App-but I’ve heard about some success on this one


I met some decent dates on here, and some even ended up just being friends since we weren’t a match


This site seems to have a high rate of success and I’ve met a few couples who met on here.


Has decent reviews


Fewer daily matches sent to you. Worth a look at.


International Flair, decent rating


Boasts a decent relationship success rate


Premium Priced Subscriptions with good reviews:

It says the best site for “educated singles” on the main page


I believe you can pay for Matchmaker Services on this site



Here are some links I found online with more reviews to help you decide on a dating site right for you.



  1. Do sign up for more than one dating site at a time. Signing up to two or three sites increases your chances of meeting different types of men. If you’re strapped for cash, pay for your best one and do free trials on the others.-You can cancel at any time.
  1. Only go on coffee dates when you are meeting a potential match. ALWAYS meet in a public place with people around and ALWAYS let someone know you are meeting them. Note: A coffee date is a good way to cut it short if there’s no chemistry or plan your next meeting if there is chemistry.
  1. Trust your gut and instincts. Don’t let your guard down because of good looks and good photos.

There are indeed a lot of scammers out there as we well know.


  1. Getting ‘Ghosted” is a normal occurrence with online dating. 
  1. If you haven’t already, you much watch the Netflix Series “Tinder Swindler” to learn how to pick up warning signs from these scammers who know women are looking for men with money. You’ll thank me later!

**Be patient and remain positive!!! I wish you LOVE!!!❤❤

***Please note, I am not a dating coach, or a matchmaker, nor do I claim to be one. I am not guaranteeing you will find the love of your life on these sites, but I certainly hope you do!