Gray is the New Blonde – The Movie

by Adelina
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My Interview with Director/Producer Victoria Marie

For my very first Silver Spotlight Interview, I’m featuring Victoria Marie’s groundbreaking documentary Gray Is the New Blond a film that    is truly changing the narrative around gray hair and aging.

There is no doubt a gray hair revolution afoot, and in this film, Victoria tackles the age-old perceptions around gray hair and why she chose to be dye free and natural in the eternally youthful entertainment industry right in the heart of Hollywood.

I was going to be in California last January when the movie premiered, so I decided to attend, and boy was I in for a treat! Gorgeous and glamorous silver women (and men) graced the theatre in full regalia. It was my first Red Carpet experience, and I was fully present, taking it all in.

Just one year into my gray hair journey, I got a glimpse of what was to come while observing women fully transitioned to silver hair in all of their splendor-proud, vibrant, and amazing.

If I had any doubts before, I knew then that I had made the right decision, and I would never dye my hair again. I saw all of the Silver Sister Stars that I had been following on Instagram who were in the movie like the lovely @rosas4k @vickieheath and @anna.the.gray to name a few.

This documentary is like no other, exploring gray hair perceptions in media, in beauty, and in every day life experiences. It explores some of the historical perspectives in advertising and contrasts it with how far we have come. It is long overdue, and it showcases gray hair as a beautiful thing to be coveted and shown off instead of hiding it in shame. A new breed of unapologetically fabulous gray-haired ladies is coming out from the shadows and are boldly strutting their stuff, just like the unforgettable intro to the film. 

There is much more work to be done, but in this excellent film, Victoria breaks the ice and busts the door wide open for the Silver Spotlight to shine brightly through!

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