Young, Gray, and Fabulous

by Adelina
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We Silver Queens of a certain age have finally taken our rightful places, and we are adjusting our crowns.

But these Young Silver Vixens are lighting the way for a new generation of women in their 20s,30s, and 40s to absolutely Slay the Gray fearlessly, and beautifully with their own swag.

In Victoria Marie’s award-winning Documentary “Gray is the New Blonde” there’s a line that says, “If you see a woman walking around town with that bold line of demarcation in her hair you know she’s a Badass!” I’m paraphrasing, but how true is that!?  It takes a lot of guts to walk around with hair coloring that resembles a skunk, or have people staring at you with pity in their eyes making you feel like you just you let yourself go.

It is an expected and familiar transition for women of a certain age, but for younger women, not so much. I’ve read countless testimonies of women in various stages of “Grombre” (a popular term in the silver sister community made popular by @grombre) facing horrific comments from friends and family saying things like “you’re too young and pretty to go gray…cover it up!” Enduring curious stares that that speak volumes is not for the faint of heart, but these beauties took the leap and ditched the dye.

These Silver Sisters are sporting gray hair in their younger years. To name a few, take @samanthapollack: young, fresh, and beautiful, with thousands of followers flocking to her page to see how she’s rocking that gray. The stunning @silverstrandsofglitter struts her signature stoic photos coupled with her bright and fun sense of style, while @rainydayjames, and @silver30s are just too funky for words! All of these beautiful young women are owning their glorious crowns.

Gray hair as a fashion statement has been trending for a few seasons now, so it’s a familiar sight to see the very young sporting silver hair, whether it’s bleached, a wig, or even braids. Achieving this look at the salon is not cheap. Celebrity hair stylist @jackmartincolorist charges upwards of $2000 for his back to gray makeovers. That’s wonderful if you can afford it.

These young and fabulous ladies achieved their gray the frugal way…. naturally! 

With the onset of the virus and lockdowns, many cannot get to a hairdresser for their regular touch ups, so it’s become a perfect time to ditch the dye. 

Choosing to go gray is no longer a thing that “old “ladies do, and if I knew I would look this fly, I would have done it years ago. I saw my first gray hairs in my late 20s, and then in my mid-thirties started dyeing it. I started with a semi-permanent rinse (which is hard to find now) then henna, then my hair became resistant. Dyeing monthly in my thirties and 40s, more and more frequently as time went on. By time I hit 50s I was dyeing every 3 weeks with the line of demarcation growing ever brighter. It was costly, messy, and annoying.

These young ladies have taken the bold step of saying yes to their natural hair color, no matter what societal pressure says we should do. On their own terms, in their own way. BOLD. BAD.BEAUTIFUL.

Not that there’s anything wrong with coloring your hair, after all, we have all done it for years, but this new generation of Silver Divas are showing us options. Choosing gray does not have mean looking “old.” I daresay these ladies are Glowing older….

Much of how you feel about yourself exudes from within. A sexy confident hair flipping strut versus hiding behind a hood and sunglasses glasses will certainly dictate how the world responds to you.

If you still don’t like yourself with gray hair, you can always go back to coloring.

You decide.

This article is dedicated to those thinking about ditching the dye and letting nature take its course no matter your age, but especially if you are young and see some silvers shining. These photos are here to remind you that you can Slay with your Gray!

There are so many gorgeous young silver ladies out there it was hard to choose, so stay tuned for more posts as many more young women choose this path to silver hair.

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