Black Women With Gray Hair

by Adelina
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Gray Hair is a Crown of Glory

Gray hair is a thing. No…it’s really a THING.

Let’s face it, gray haired grannies have always been among us, but I think we all can agree that the new breed of trendy, bold, and bodacious silver-haired women are not like our mother’s mothers.

No offense y’all but with folks young and old flaunting their every move on social media, the Silver Sisters community is no exception. We are showing off our hair, bodies, and our lives in ways formerly relegated to the shadows and fringes of life. Granny of the past would often be sitting down in the corner at family gatherings and events quietly and demurely making her presence known. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but things have evolved! Gray haired models are on the runway more and more, and we now are seen in various advertisements depicting vibrant lives rather than ads for retirement and pain relief.

It’s a fact that on the ever-growing lists of Silver Sisters, women of color are often under-represented. My Silver haired neighbor called me up one day to share that the cover of a major magazine had an article featuring gray haired women and she noticed that in the lineup of thirty or so silver haired women, only three black women were represented.

Well, I’m here to be the change, and I created my own list of Silver Sisters …Black women, in all walks of life who have chosen their silver lining and are Rocking that gray!

Diversity, Intersectionality, and Inclusion are big buzz words today identifying the lack thereof in many verticals ranging from movies, to print, to the corporate world.

I often hear “it’s great to see a woman of color being represented.” Whether it’s on Instagram or YouTube, or in commercials. It’s really nice to see someone like yourself as a standard of beauty because the world really is diverse.

 “There’s an awakened conscience to this,” says Eloiza Domingo, global head and executive director of engagement, diversity, and inclusion at the pharmaceutical firm Astellas. “People of color and their allies don’t have to sit back and accept this. They can say, ‘No, that’s wrong.’” (

“Your audience members want to see themselves in your content and no single image can convey that. More importantly, they want to know that you see them – physically, geographically, psychologically, etc. They want to make sure you get their needs, their pain points, their thoughts. But your audiences aren’t always thinking about themselves. They want to see more than one type of person or voice in your content.” (

My goal here is not to shame anyone into “wokeness” … God forbid! But I want to gently call attention to what people of color often encounter in many walks of life. We know the world is much larger than what is fed to us, so I think this is just my first of many posts tackling this issue.

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life.” Proverbs 16:31

With that being said, I wanted to show the faces of the many black women that are choosing and owning their gray hair from all walks of life:

@kisharbrown flaunts her gorgeous silver hair in many different styles

@mynaturalsilvercrown also sports several different looks and always looks amazing.

@oshunsweetnsour – I adore this Silver Sister’s funky vibe and original style. Those glasses tho!!

@lisarenet has a classic natural look, and looks great with her hair styled straight or curly

@ksewilliams is a gorgeous silver hair models out there working it (photo: @giovannijmartins )

@silverbychoice – I love her carefree, sporty, and elegant look

@nonasallritewitme : this stunning silver lady shows us all how to wear fun lip colors, and rocks jewelry and head gear with style

@taskyourself – This lovely sister has gorgeous locks and a banging body to match!

@drwells66 – This beautiful sister’s gorgeous crown of glory makes her glow.

@unapologeticallygray – is an author and silver model

@k_adore sports her lovely locs and fun lifestyle on IG

@closet_encounter_fashion – Is a beautiful silver sister into fitness, beauty, and fashion

I want to be clear, Silver Sisters of all nationalities are equally gorgeous and fabulous, and more and more of us are unapologetically carving new paths and careers in this new season . This is just another reflection of the growing silver community, and we are enjoying our crowns!👑



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