The Silver Men

by Adelina
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Ladies!!! Put the fan away and sit down…No Sis, you are not having hot flashes!! You are getting a glimpse of our counterparts: Behold The Silver Men.

So, move over Silver Sisters and make way for these Silver Brothers to stand alongside us in the burgeoning Positive Aging movement as we light the path in the Silver Spotlight together.Gray haired salt and pepper men, celebrities, and high powered business men alike have long been deemed sexy and mature merely getting better with age while traipsing around with much younger arm candy. Silver Sisters have finally caught up, owning our glorious gray hair and making a big splash on social media. And while the world is finally taking notice that aging and gray hair can indeed be beautiful, this is a new breed of silver haired foxes; men confident in style and swagger for the whole world to see. They are kicking it up a notch or two.

“The clinical research tells us that by the age of 50, most men will develop grey hair (Genetics Home Reference, 2017). Your hair color is determined by a pigment called melanin; a substance that hair follicles produce. Hair follicles are dynamic structures that reside in the dermal layer of your skin and made up of 20 unique cells. As you age, these follicles produce less melanin, thereby reducing color pigmentation. Some men will start to notice grey hair atop their head in their 20’s. More will spot whitish patches in their 30’s. And by the time you are 40, you will likely see (some) salt and pepper set in”. (From

Either that, or they start going bald. Not that baldness is a bad thing, but with the popularity of beards today, it adds a nice counterbalance to the baldness while showcasing their silver tinsel.

Just like Silver Sisters ditching the dye, men can put away their boxed dye and be confident that the gray doesn’t make them look old, they look Grayt!

So, I hereby give you permission to behold God’s magnificent creations without guilt!

Looking is free!

These brothers have defined their individual style, and not only are they looking Fly, but they are notably health conscious and fit.

Whether bald or bearded, dread locked or tatted, each Silver Brother depicted here is making his unique silver splash in a big way:

Some are professional models like @orlandosilverfox who is as close to perfection as one can get. The word “Adonis” comes to mind with his chiseled body and face to match. (He also gives me a Prince vibe in some photos)

(photo credit:  Gunnar Gabrielsen)

@mrericcedeno sports gorgeous silver locs along with that enviable flawless skin AND smile.

I have been following @city.lord around for a while as he makes his way around colorful spots in Germany to snap great pics.

@alisudani just looks great with that silver crown and beard, and sports a modern twist to his classic style.

@franky_silverman is a model and wears a longer beard and sports rugged manliness with street style cool, and I am not mad at all those tatts!

@mrmoodydresser has impeccable swag and style as he bounces effortlessly between cool dapper looks and ultra-chic street style.

@biggrip69 has a unique and glorious snow white beard, keeps fit, and is a Deputy Sheriff…I feel safer already!!😄

@aldgoldie is a model who can sport clean classic handsome looks as well as rough and rugged ones

@tonsorialist_mrdexx is a NYC based Grand Master Barber and you can tell by his beard game and debonaire air. (Yeah, I had to look up “tonsorialist” too!)

@therealwinstonwarrior – apparently bald heads and beards are a thing, and Mr. Winston: multi-talented musician, artist, and more, knows how to work it all very well…

Just like Silver Sisters ditching the dye, men can put away their boxed dye and be confident that the gray doesn’t make them look old, they look Grayt!

It is truly all about mindset, attitude, self-awareness, and style. It can make all the difference between old and bold.

So go ahead and scoot over Silver Queen, and let that Silver King take his rightful place on the throne.

I know you will give your Silver Brothers a follow…

Like Silver Sisters, there are so many Silver Brothers to choose from it was hard to select them, so there will more than likely be more Silver Brother features. 

What do you think…do you want more??? 

Post your comments below, and submit your favorite silver brothers for my next post.



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