Wash Day!

by Adelina
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This photo was taken just about 14 months in…to my journey. I was over halfway there and In the home stretch. Patience is a virtue!!!?? Wash. Set. Blow Dry. My stylist, Catherine @beautydrysalon in Brooklyn has Magic Hands ! Even though the Grombre is in full effect, and my dyed tips have washed out from Ash brown to Blorange, I am loving the silver growth coming in. I am always amazed to see the gray growth from the back of my head when I go to the salon. I never see it from this vantage point at home, and at this point, I am fully committed and I am in LOVE with it! For any ladies on the fence about choosing to go gray, you must endure this phase of two-toned hair. The other options are braids, wigs, a big chop, or bleaching it to gray professionally if you are impatient and have the money. The choice is yours, but the good news is that there are choices, and you can always go back. Me? I’m not going back! Keep the faith, Chicas!!!

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